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About SoftwareUnlimited

"SoftwareUnlimited helps organizations achieve an edge in their marketplaces by developing, implementing, and maintaining solutions to information management problems - solutions that add value to the client organization."
    We offer our clients:
  • Strong commitment to superior client service - visit our client testimonials.
  • Unique and unheard of guarantee.  Hear our approach to solving problems (audio mp3).
  • State-of-the-art services, continuing training, and client education seminars.
  • Client newsletters that help you achieve operational efficiencies.
  • Recognition from our peers and the media.


President's Profile

Mr. Kelton has 25 years management and technical experience helping organizations use IT to gain an edge through enhanced efficiencies, reduced costs and improved levels of customer service.

As a leading IT authority, Mr. Kelton frequently appears on national television and in major publications.  He is a conference speaker and spent several years as an instructor at the University of Arizona.

Mr. Kelton is a past president of NetTeCH, a nationwide special interest group of Information Technology companies. Mr. Kelton's leadership role in NetTeCH allows SoftwareUnlimited to use the resources of this "virtual corporation" to support its work in providing total support to its clients.

Graduating first in his class, Mr. Kelton received his Master of Science in Management Information Systems from the University of Arizona in 1976. His undergraduate degrees are in Accounting and Management.  In 1980, he received CDP (Certificate in Data Processing) certification from the Institute for Certification of Computer Professionals.

Achievements, Recognition and Awards

SoftwareUnlimited has received national and regional recognition:
  • National Recognition
    Our case studies have been featured on television and in national and regional publications.  Find out why MSNBC, CBS News, USA Today, Business Week, the Los Angeles Times and others contact SoftwareUnlimited.
  • Awards
    Our IT services help organizations achieve growth, profits and success.  Our award winning Integrate IT web site design engineers have been recognized for their exceptional talent.
  • Publications
    Our complimentary newsletters show you how to use IT to improve your customer service and operational efficiencies.  Our Technology Newsletter recently received the Choice Reading Award from Short Stories Magazine.
  • Leadership
    SoftwareUnlimited's management has been elected to the boards of directors of several organizations.  SoftwareUnlimited recently received the Association of Professional Consultant's President's Award.

SoftwareUnlimited's Integrate IT web site design engineers were recently recognized by various Internet web site judges.   SoftwareUnlimited received recognition through the following awards:

Otakou Creative Design Award        
Sites are reviewed for quantity, quality and feeling. All sites are thoroughly reviewed and critiqued prior to granting of the Award. "I am pleased to report your web site has received a rating of Excellent".
Otakou Award
Surfer's Choice Award        
Awarded to those sites that provide a special experience for users of the Web and must meet the highest set of standards in both content and design. "Your site scores high marks for content related to networking and other IT solutions".
Surfer's Choice Award
Web Ace Award            
Awarded to sites that demonstrate exceptional design and talent.
Web Ace Award
Millennia Script Award         
Sites are reviewed by web page designers and programmers for source code compatibility.   SoftwareUnlimited's design engineers demonstrated "superior construction and a variety of products and services".
Millennia Script Award
Nomination Members Web Site Award    
This award recognizes quality web site designs.  SoftwareUnlimited received the award over 1,000 other entries that were submitted.
Nomination Members Award
The Corporation Top Floor Site Award    
Awarded to business sites that provide useful content and value and distinguish themselves from the rest.
Top Floor Site Award
Diamond in the Rough Award    
Awarded to sites that have good design, useful content and presentation.
Diamond Award
Buzz Award    
"Treffic pages.  Delightful.  Great design and contribution to the world wide web."
Buzz Award
Sizzlers Site Award        
Recipients of this award have shown outstanding design and content.
Sizzlers Award
The Ultimate Links and Sites Award    
"Best overall presentation and design of a web site"
Ultimate Links and Sites Award
The Dynamite Site Award    
Awarded to sites that show original expression and creativity.  "Your site was chosen for its creativity and talent"
Dynamite Site Award

SoftwareUnlimited can help you! Contact us to find out how we can help improve your profitability.

Certifications and Credentials

Our employees are registered, authorized and/or certified by the following manufacturers and associations:
    Vendor registrations, authorizations and certifications
  • Networking - Microsoft, Novell
  • Peripherals - Hewlett-Packard, Intel, IBM, QMS, Epson
  • Hardware - Dell, Toshiba, HP/Compaq, custom configurations
  • Communications - 3Com, Cisco, Bay Networks, Ascend, Nortel
    Association Certifications
  • Computing Technology Industry Association (A+)
  • Institute for Certification of Computer Professionals (ICCP)
Please contact us for more information on how we can help you with your IT challenges.

Affiliations and Associations

As a nationally recognized Information Technology authority, SoftwareUnlimited is a active leader in the following organizations and associations:
  • ACP - Association of Contingency Planners
  • APC - Association of Professional Consultants 
  • BTA - Business Technology Association and Leadership Development Committee
  • ICCA - Independent Computer Consultants Association 
  • ICCP - Institute for Certification of Computing Professionals 
  • NetTeCH - Network Technologies Channel
  • Developreneurs - Web Site Developers
  • SAM - Society for Advancement of Management
SoftwareUnlimited is constantly improving the way we provide services to our clients. To provide our clients with a base of knowledgeable experts, SoftwareUnlimited maintains partnering relationships with the following organizations:

Partner Firms
  • Allen Computer Solutions
  • Alvaka Networks
  • Creative Resources
  • Functional InfoSystems
  • Lackner Computing Solutions
  • LANCAB, Inc.
  • Members of the Assn of Prof Consultants
  • Net Solutions, Inc.
  • PF Micro
  • Ward Com Systems

Our case studies highlight SoftwareUnlimited's solutions to information management challenges.  Contact us to see how we can add value and benefit to your organization.


SoftwareUnlimited is constantly improving the way we provide services to our clients.   To provide our clients with a base of knowledgeable experts, SoftwareUnlimited frequently seeks individuals with specific areas of expertise.  Employment and project-related opportunities are listed below.


SoftwareUnlimited maintains a non-smoking office.  Work hours are generally 8am to 5pm.  Employees need transportation to get to and from our client's offices.  Employees must have appropriate business attire and a professional attitude.

Full-time Employee Benefits

  • Retirement plan - employees are eligible to participate in a retirement plan with 100% company matching of employee contributions.
  • Health care - employees receive company paid health care for the employee.
  • Paid days - engineers receive 15 paid days off per year.
  • Holidays - SoftwareUnlimited provides company paid holidays.

 Job Employment Position Opening - Sales

Do you have what it takes to generate sales through new account acquisition?  If so, join us as a Business Development Manager where you determine your compensation through our commission based pay structure.

 Apply for a position

Submit your resume for an employment or project-related opportunity listed above.


The following comments received from our clients are similar to the comments we receive on a daily basis.  Find out how our networking, Internet and security services help our clients achieve growth, profits and success.  Are you already a client and happy with our service?


"I have been very pleased with the service SoftwareUnlimited has provided.   The following are benefits of your service that I especially appreciate:

  • The SoftwareUnlimited engineers are very knowledgeable.
  • The service provided has been prompt and professional.
  • The documentation and correspondence are excellent.  SoftwareUnlimited has provided me with a clear outline of procedures that will be necessary to meet our goals."


"Prior to using your services, we were always encountering problems and spending our time putting out fires. With your assistance, things are now stable and we are now able to concentrate on our long-range goals and objectives."

Real Estate

"Just wanted to pass on a word of appreciation...On Thursday, Friday and Saturday you worked painstakingly to make our move as smooth as possible.  Many hours were spent breaking down and then putting back together again our computers and phone systems and all of the wiring.  We thank you for your great attitude, expertise and 'can do' spirit."

"SoftwareUnlimited's security services help protect our company from Internet hackers."


"The support they have provided has saved the school hundreds of manpower hours.   We would not have been able to complete our technology plans without this expert help."


"SoftwareUnlimited's document management solution increased our productivity by 30%. We now have the ability to share and organize our files effectively and efficiently.  It is now much easier to prepare for depositions and trials."


"Without exception, you provide superior service.  We do not hesitate to refer you to any of our clients or peers."

Contact us to find out how we can help you increase your productivity, efficiency and profitability.


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