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Nationally Televised Appearances

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Custom programming  MSNBC - Contingency Planning

Custom programming  MSNBC - Custom Programming

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Benefits of Information Technology  Business News - Benefits of IT

Benefits of Information Technology  SU Commercial


Publications and Articles
SoftwareUnlimited's solutions to information management problems have been featured in the following publications, white papers and services:
National Publications
Business Week - Solving The Software Dilemma
Business Week - Hot Machines For Cold Callers - Pick The Right Ones
Business Week - Tracking Down The Right Software - Key Customer Service
Business Week - Pitching Your Net Software To Small Biz
Business Week - I'm Burning Out At A Big Company
CBS News - Hackers Penetrate Systems
Contingency Planning and Management Magazine - A Guide To Relocation
Contracting Profits Magazine - Fishy-Looking E-mail? You May Be A Victim
InternetDay - Are Your Customers Getting The Service They Deserve?
Reuters - Chiefs Prepare For Dry Run
USA Today - Dreaded 9s computer glitch may strike today
Wall Street Journal - Employees face pressure

Southern California Publications
The Los Angeles Times - Leader Needs Record Keeping Solution
The Los Angeles Times - Wireless Communications Options
Orange County Business Journal - Computer Backups, Worth The Time?
Orange County Business Journal - Networks, Worth The Investment?
The Orange County Register - Business Friendly
The Orange County Register - The Next Quantum Leap in Technology
The Orange County Register - Hackers May Launch Bugs
The Orange County Register - Is Your Data Secure?
The Orange County Register - Litronic Is Ready To Expand Abroad
The Orange County Register - Five Steps To Prepare Your Business

Regional Publications
Aberdeen American News - Hackers Cause Computer Problems
The Buffalo News - Testing For The Future
The Charlotte Observer - Computer Confusion Expected
Lexington Herald-Leader - Programming for Security
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel - Could Confuse Computers
The Palm Beach Post - There's No Need To Get Stressed Out
The Sacramento Bee - Mini Security
The Sun News - Not Only Computer Worry

Industry Publications
Rental Center Products Magazine - Will Your Business Survive?
Technology For Learning - Are You Ready?

Information Technology Publications
Computer Reseller News - Network Associates Stop Restricted Language
Computer Reseller News - Security For Small Businesses
Computer Reseller News - National IT Security Task Force
Computer Reseller News - Intel's LaGrande Debuts
Computer Reseller News - IT Administrators Overlooking Security Risks
Computer Reseller News - Athena Protects Microsoft Internet Servers
Computer Reseller News - Security Experts Debate Windows XP Hack Factor
Computer Reseller News - Security Solution Providers Divided Over Microsoft
Computer Reseller News - The Clock Still Ticking, plenty of work, little time
Secure Computing Magazine - Patching Problems Not Limited
Smart Reseller - Project Managers
University of Arizona - Attempting To Achieve Data Security

Information Technology White Papers
Spyware - Your Hidden Threat
Concerned About Managing Your Risks?
Does Your Connection To The Internet Keep You Awake At Night?
The Role Of Information Technology (IT) - Are You Investing In Your Future?
The Role of Information Technology (IT) In The Real Estate Industry

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Public Speaking and Presentations


  • California State University, Long Beach (CSULB) - Are you prepared?

  • Southern California Coalition Technology Conference (SCCTC) - Spyware, Kiss Privacy Good-Bye

  • University of Arizona (U of A) - Attempting to achieve data security


  • American Association of Medical Transcription (AAMT) - Technology advancements

  • Association of Professional Consultants (APC) - Five steps to prepare your business

  • American Society For Quality (ASQ) - What Hackers Know that you don't

  • Business Technology Association (BTA) - Current trends

  • Information Systems Security Association (ISSA) - Security Trends

  • Networking Professionals Association (NPA) - Will you survive it?

  • Southern California Quality Assurance Association (SCQAA) - Attempting To Achieve Data Security


  • Conference For Improving Software Development and Project Quality - What Hackers Know That You Don't

  • Consumer Business Network (CBN) - How will Technology impact you?

  • Nuclear Information and Records Management Conference - Attempting to achieve data security

  • Psychological Legal Associates (PLA) - Is technology a concern for the legal industry?

  • Software Council of Southern California (SCSC) - Contingency Planning

SoftwareUnlimited also sponsors client education seminars to help our clients optimize their investment in Information Technology.  Contact us to see how our experts can help you with your information challenges.


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